More NAR rubbish

Are you missing an opportunity? Call a realtor today. As sales slide, those poor realtors aren't making any money any more. Things are getting desperate.


See, bubbles aren't so bad after all.

There will be no crash

Is it fair to pull out what a broker said around 15 months and compare it with reality. Perhaps not, but we will do it anyway. This clip is from Susan Greenfield, vice president and associate broker with Brown Harris Stevens in Manhattan. At some point in the distant past, (probably late 2005 or early 2006) she was asked to give her views about the 2006 outlook.

She had some strong views about the prospects of real estate crash back then. "No way", she said, "no way will the market crash". Instead, the market would slow. Well, you were right about that Susan. Things certainly have slowed.

However, Susan was being a little contradictory back then. One the one hand, she recognised that things had become a little crazy. Let she couldn't accept that prices might correct. Instead, Susan was content to think that things would just return to the 3-5 percent appreciations she had always known.

I wonder what she thinks today.

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Realtor or politician? You decide

When I first saw this ad, I thought it was for some local politician running for state office. However, a few seconds further into the clip, it becomes apparent that this is an ad for a realtor.

There is something very odd going on here. We have a realtor, posing as a politician. However, Americans deeply distrust their politicians, and comparing your profession with glad-handing vote snatchers doesn't seem like a convincing sales pitch.

There is only one conclusion that we can reach. Realtors are even more unpopular than politicans. The thought behind this ad that the realtor profession will take a step up on the trustworthiness ladder if it implicitly associates itself with the vote-grabbing promise breakers living in Washington.

Boys making movies

I'm appalled by these do-it-yourself mortgage broker ads. The thought processes are so transparent. Most of these brokers are young men. They seem to think that the key to sales success is linking young partially clothed women with their mortgage products.

They end up producing crude, lewd, and offensive commercials, which are almost certain discourage any female clients. These guys might be mortgage brokers, but I sense they would prefer to be making specialist videos for an exclusively male clientele.

BTW, check out the mixed message at the end of the clip. Spot the family photos on the desk, which happen to be pointing towards the camera and away from the broker.

Things must be really desperate

Realtors must be desperate for sales. This is one of the crudest, stupidest ads for realtor services ever seen.