Stick to the numbers

Here is some not-so-funny guy trying to get some laughs with the subprime market. However, he gets better once he dumps the jokes and starts providing some simple analsys of recent numbers.

Clean up your credit score

How can you check your credit rating? In this clip, CNBC are offering some cheap advice on how to improve your FICO credit rating. The basic advice seems to be "pay your debts". So easy to say, so hard to do.

The bubble has burst

Here is another one of these angry homemade anti housing bubble youtube clips.

Watch out for the colorful language.

The future of housing

The future of housing? It has no future.

The lead-hounds

Here is an trade infomercial from Weichert. It explains how the company chases up home buyers for realtors. The key "take-away" from this clip is "don't let them get your phone number". If they do, these lead-hounds will hunt you down and eat you up. There is no escape from the "lead-incubators". You will close with a Weichert agent.

The real estate minute

I couldn't figure out what these guys were selling. They seemed like realtors. They also seemed to be saying that real estate was overvalued, by pointing out that house prices are high, and incomes too low. At one point, they seemed to suggest that renting seems like a good option.

So where are these guys going to make a living. I can't see too many 6 percent sales commissions coming out of this ad.

Turn the music down.....

Another wierd realtor ad - here some guy yacking on about working with first time buyers. However, his sales pitch is drowned out by some really irritating muzak.

Anyway this realtor is going to "work your transaction" - what exactly does that mean?

If you wish upon a star....

Things are so bad with the US housing market that sellers have taken to wishing on falling stars.

Where are the ugly people?

Here is one of those foul 30 second condo ads, full of 19 year old gym bunnies and buffed up six-packs. At la Jolla condos, everyone works out and no one touches the burgers.


No one in the UK now remembers that between 1989 and 1996, house prices fell by 35 percent in real terms. Here is a reminder courtesy of Spitting image.

Will the real estate market crash?

Given the mountain of data out there showing that delinquencies are up, prices and down and inventory piling up like snow in winter, I thought that answer would be obvious.

However, I am wrong. The guy in this clip tells me that while prices might fluctuate a little, the market won't crash.

I am going to say something really hurtful about this guy; he looks like a realtor.

Just for laughs, I thought it might be interesting to check out some of those clips from real estate investing courses. This one is from

This guy might be talking english, but I don't understand what he is saying. He spouts one useless aphorism after another. One line stands out "making money is about focus". This is about as useful as telling someone, buy high and sell low (or is it the other way round?).

The housing market is now into its second year of collapse. These guys are dinosaurs, stuck in another long gone time.

Housing roller coaster

Here is a very clever visualization of the recent US housing bubble. Using Atari's RollerCoaster Tycoon, it plots US home prices, adjusted for inflation (via Shiller's Irrational Exuberance), as a rollercoaster.

The last part of the journey seems to go on forever. And then, you are left hanging in mid-air. The only way is down.....

Renting in America

Here is a first rate clip about what it is like to rent in America today. Now that house prices are crashing, renting is now starting to look like the smart move.

Foreclosure in America

There are some people who think that people who end up in foreclosue have only themselves to blame. However, the reality is that losing your home is a personal catastrophe. I don't blame the poor, sometimes misguided homeowners who took on more debt than they should have. I blame the mortgage lenders, the realtors and above all the Fed, who should have been regulating these jokers.

This video is hard to watch. However, it does reflect the reality of the sub prime crisis. Ordinary folks are being hurt.

creepy video exposing the UK housing bubble

It is bit of a mystery why this guy chose to darken the video clip. It all looks a bit creepy. However, the analysis of the housing market is first rate. Starts off slow, but gets better as it goes along.
Here is a realtor ad from Japan. It seems that realtors across the world speak a universial language. The message is always, "you need to move".

It is the sub prime crisis - clean up your credit ratings, folks

The sub prime crisis - can it really be that bad? "Clean up your credit ratings", that is the advice from this CNBC clip.