A sub prime primer

Here is very funny clip from England explaining the sub prime crisis.

Auction that house

Could the US housing market auction its way out of trouble?

Real estate and marriage

Here is a clip where the real estate market both keeps prospective couples apart and keeps divorcing couples together.

It only goes to show that real estate can be an extremely liquid asset.

The latest Peter Schiff Interview

Peter is the man. Every time he turns up on the TV he wipes the floor with every other panel member. He is the voice of reason, good sense and financial prudence.

Here Peter predicted that the price of oil going to $150 a barrel. The logic was straightforward. One day, China will stop keeping their domestic currency low relative to the dollar. Once the Yuan appreciates, the dollar price of oil will fall, and then demand from Asia will shoot up. This increased demand for oil will push the price up towards $150 a barrel.

Go, Peter, Go.

Start at the top and work your way down.

Japanese real estate - bubbling again

Here is a short news clip about the recovery of the Japanese real estate market. Since it crashed in 1989, the Japanese market has been in more or less constant freefall. Given the unfolding disaster here in the US, it could take a similar length of time before we hear about a recovery here.

Alaska housing bubble

Did the bubble get as far as Anchorage, Alaska? Did it really get that bad?

House price crash

Bernanke and Paulson turn negative.

The gloom just keeps coming.

California nightmare

Find out all you need to know about the collapsing Californian market in just 45 short seconds.

Foreclosure firesale

In this clip, a foreclosure vulture takes us through a house that is currently priced at $165,000 below comps.

Britney Spears on the housing bubble

Woops I did it again. Hit me baby, one more time.

Remembering Ponzi

Here is a tribute to that much misunderstood financial genius - Charles Ponzi.

Crashing central california

The housing crash is accelerating in Central California; mounting losses, developers srambling to get out, and slash and burn auctions everywhere.

Peter Schiff

Here is Peter on the recent Fed interest rate cut. He was in fine form that day, making his opponent look like a complete fool.

A Tour of Katy, Texas Real Estate

Another Lou Miniatti classic (possibly the best so far).

Song for America

Everyone has their own way of coming to terms with the housing bubble. This joker decides that music and song is the best way to deal with his pain.

The real estate bubble - where did it go?

This old chi-lites hit is one of my favorite songs from the 1970s. It is now put to good use lamenting the disappearance of the housing bubble.