It takes brass balls to sell real estate

Although this clip is dark and grainy, the dialogue is first rate. Taken from the 1980s film - Glengarry Glenross - Alex "always be closing" Baldwin explains what it takes to sell real estate. The philosophy is simple

"The only thing that counts in this life - get them to sign on the line". Certainly, this advice was taken to heart by many of the nation's subprime lenders.

Alex also comes through with a great incentive scheme for the luckless salesman:

"First prize is a Cadillac; second prize; a set of steak knives, third prize - YOU'RE FIRED".

Keep away from Northern Virginia, folks

This clip comes from a local northern virginian TV station. It starts out talking about a money losing condo project out in the boonies. But check out the language of these local commentators; it is extreme to say the least.

"It is a bloodbath in Northern Virginia"

"It has gone from panic-to-buy to a panic-to-sell"

Belfast housing

Check out this mad speculator queuing up to buy a pre-construction condo in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This guy thinks that property prices will "increase by 100 percent" in two years. 15 years ago, Belfast was a war zone, today it is bubbletown.


This clip concerns the Irish property market, which is probably the maddest baddest bubble in the world. However, this clip is very funny, and well worth watching. We have a new word in the English lexicon - equityitis.


Here is Jim Cramer talking about housing, loans and how things really ain't that bad.

Hat-tip to lou minatti for another great youtube video.

A quck lesson in real estate fraud

How do you scam people out of rental deposits? This video will show you how. Chilling stuff.

Real estate scammer goes mad on camera

Here is a crazy clip where a couple accused of real estate fraud suddenly attack a camera man.

Million dollar phone power

Here is a classic piece of realtor rubbish. It is long, dreary and yet compulsively awful. As the man with the beard says on tape - "it is a powerful, powerful experience. Once you listen to this tape, it will change your life for ever." Passionate stuff.

This clip first featured on the classic bubble blog - housing panic.

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