It is all citi's fault

Business cycles - once every 18 years, why couldn't citi see it?

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Penny Stock Newsletter said...

This whole notion of free trade is phoney. We are becoming a nation of financial services companies All these companies do is recycle money. The result is no useful products and services are being produced or sold. The idea that the bedrock of the united states economy can be a country of bankers' financial planners financial researchers financial consultants' financial analysts marketing consultents' lawyers that do nothing but move money around or tell you where to put it or how to get it all day long this is completly phoney and false economy. I could go on and on but I need not. The intangable economy of sorts must be replaced with a real economy that produces or provides useful products and services that are really needed. Otherwise we will end up with a few bright CPA's with master degrees siting behind desks making a good living and everybody else cleaning the carpeting and emptying the wast paper baskets. For 6 dollars an hour. Every parents vision of a good job for their their children is someone sitting in front of a computer at some bank. Whats wrong with this picture everything.