Carli Blum on the subprime crisis

Here is a view of the subprime crisis from the bed of two female students.

I found this clip hilarious.

More on the subprime crisis

Investment bankers turning into talking heads.

The bush bubble

Just one more reminder of what a mess we are in right now.

Oh boy.....

California - what went wrong

If you want to understand why housing prices are collapsing so fast in California, this video will explain everything.

US economy

Do you get the feeling that the US economy is going off the rails. This short video will confirm that uneasy feeling.


I am going to get intellectual and arty with the next video clip. Here is Hans Richter's 1928 short film about inflation.

Fools rush in.....

A quick tour of the recent housing chart. Somehow, all the charts end the same, with things falling off a cliff.

Bad advertizing.

Here is an advert from a UK house rental agency. The ending certainly has a twist, but I fail to see how this ad would encourage me to become a customer.

But hey, what do I know? Take a look and judge for yourself.

Lost in America

Housing inventory is certainly elevated. Here is a short video of a drive around a NJ suburb. There is a plague of "for sale" signs.

The dangers of home equity loans

Here is a home equity loan scam from England. Be warned, the clips contains a couple of unexplained jumps. However, bear with it, and you will be shocked. Banks offer loans that are proportions of home values. The banks end up with borrowers paying back the value of the loan and the bulk of the price appreciation coming from property bubble. Some borrowers have ended up in mobile homes. In some cases, people have ended up repaying five times the value of the original loan.

More on the sub prime mess

Here is Jim Jubak on the subprime mess. He has some interesting things to say. Well worth watching....

Andrew Cuomo

I have never heard of Wall Street Italia. However, this clip covers the Andrew Cuomo story and Jim Cramer's accusation that this New York attorney is a communist. It has been long time since that word has been thrown around as an insult.

Ron Paul for President

Here is the great man on Jay Leno's show.

Just be you

Looking for a little motivation and inspiration this morning? Then this is the youtube clip for you.

Bloomberg special on the subprime market

Here is a bloomberg special on the subprime market. It includes some stark, yet strangely under-stated comments from Shiller. "It is called mean-reversion".

Start at the top and work your way down.

Captain Alphamale will save the housing market

This is a time for superheroes and here is Captain Alphamale promising to get us out of the subprime male.

Mortgage crisis explained.

It is funny how music and real estate charts go so well together. Here is a quick clip explaining how we got into this mess.